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Troy Hawk

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May 20, 2022

Watch Now: Judge gives Lancaster County jury-duty skippers civics lesson


Nearly a dozen people spread out in the benches of a third-floor courtroom in Lancaster County District Court late Friday morning. Not for an arraignment in a criminal case. Or to finalize a divorce.

They had one thing in common: All (even the police officer among them) had skipped jury duty, and the Lancaster County Attorney's Office was asking a judge to find them in contempt.

Lancaster County District Court Judge Jodi Nelson speaks at a contempt hearing Friday for prospective jurors who did not appear for jury duty.

Jury Commissioner Troy Hawk said they've always had people here or there not show up. But in the past three to six months more people have been ignoring the summons they're required by law to fill out. 

March 12, 2022

February jury trials called off in Lancaster County District Court, but county court trials still a go


Potential jurors called up for Lancaster County District Court are off the hook this month. 

At least a half dozen cases that had been set for the trial term starting next week won't go forward due to COVID-19, following deliberation and a decision by the judges for the panel. 

But Lancaster County District Court Clerk Troy Hawk, who also serves as Jury Commissioner, said Lancaster County Court still has jury trials scheduled for later this month.

February 28, 2022

Hawk running for reelection as Lancaster County district court clerk

Lancaster County Clerk of the District Court Troy Hawk announced he is running for a third term.

“My goals are to continue to make sure our office procedures are well-managed to provide for swift outcomes of cases, ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, and leveraging technology to improve access to the courts,” Hawk said.

Hawk, 53, had been Lancaster County District Court administrator since 2009 until he was appointed to the office in 2014 when then-clerk Sue Kirkland retired.

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